Vacuum Repair Services and More

Here are just a few of the many services we offer. Don’t be afraid to ask what else we do!

  • Vacuum Repairs (Local and via Mail)
  • FREE Recycle Service
  • Shampooer/Extraction Services
  • Mail Parts and Bags to Establishments
  • Full customization (magnet bars, longer cord, etc.)
  • FREE Estimates
  • All Repairs are Guaranteed
Shampooer Rental
  • $20 for 4 hours (includes shampoo!)
  • $39 for overnight or weekend (also includes shampoo!)
Warranty Service
  • We warrant all the vacuums we sell!
  • Authorized Eureka/Electrolux warranty service
Don’t live nearby but still need service?

Send us your vacuum through the mail and we’ll ship it back with everything taken care of. Just give us a call ahead of time for a free estimate. We’ll even pay the return shipping!

Contact: (800) 860-2127 or