Vacuum FAQ

Bagless or Bagged Vac?

Most bagless vacs are adequate as long as you clean and/or replace the filter often. But, most bagless vacuums don’t prevent dust very well. Bagged vaccums with a hepa filter are much more effective and have a longer life

How often should I vacuum my carpet?

Two or three times a week is suggested; more often if you have pets or heavy traffic. Sweep traffic areas crossways to stand the pile up.

Are “rug powders” okay to use?

Most rug scents are too fine and often embed themselves in the carpet and are too difficult to remove after doing their job. Also, powders can be harmful to your vacuum. We recommend a grainy rug aroma. We have citrus, mulberry and other scents available.

My vac needs service, but I need it every day. What can I do?

We do most repairs in 24 hours. A loaner is available if needed.

What do I do about pet stains?

Get Joe Campanelli Pro Stain Remover with active enzymes to remove food, ink, blood, urine, etc.

What is a shop vac vacuum and when would I use one?

Shop vacuums are heavy duty vacuums that work on wet or dry projects and are meant to clean up large, heavy debris. You usually see these vacuums in garages or workshops, or any other industrial environment. In the home, they’re great for cleaning basements and garages. Shop vacs are usually bagless, so if you vacuum up something important, just pop off the lid and retrieve your item — simple as that.

How can a vacuum help my allergies?

Vacuums are one of the most important cleaning tools around. They suck up debris that can be very irritating to allergy sufferers, such as dust and pet dander, that a simple broom or mop can’t catch. Vacuums with bags contain allergens the best and prevent them from being blown around into the air.

What is a HEPA vacuum cleaner?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, and typically refers to the filter inside of the vacuum. HEPA vacuums improve air quality because their sealed system removes ultrafine particles of 0.3 microns or larger and traps them inside the vacuum. Allergy sufferers and those with respiratory problems usually notice a major difference in air quality after using a HEPA unit.

Do you have any tips for making my vacuuming more effective?

We recommend passing your vacuum over your rug at least four or five times to maximize the unit’s effectiveness. This number can either go up or down depending on how soiled your carpet is and what kind of vacuum you’re using, but two passes of a vacuum is what we recommend as a the minimum for cleaning.

How often should I change the bag on my vacuum?

We recommend changing your vacuum’s bag at least once a month. Pay attention to how full your bag gets after each vacuuming, as this depends on the amount of dirt and debris in your household. A good gauge is the line printed on most standard vacuum bags. Change immediately if yours passes this line.

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